Ingredients in Hugs Broth

Chicken Broth – We use only Non-GMO grass-fed bones from locally raised chickens and organic vegetables. There is no salt added.

Fish Stock – Made using local, wild-caught fish, organic vegetables, herbs & spices, seaweed, and sea salt.

Vegetable Broth – Made with organic vegetables, anti-inflammatory herbs & spices, seaweed, and a tiny bit of sea salt. 


Benefits of Bone Broth

The health benefits from eating quality local grass-fed protein and organic produce are instrumental in balancing hormones, improving overall health, while  also supporting sustainable farming.

Every eight ounce cup of chicken bone broth contains Collagen (C), Gelatin (G), Amino Acids (AA) & more!

  • Digestive system/Gut health (G, AA)
  • Healthier joints, skin, nails, and hair (C)
  • Supports Immune system (C, G & AA: proline, glutamine & arginine)
  • Detoxification support (potassium & glycine)

My Why

The idea to start making bone broth as a small business came years after dealing with gut issues and healing my gut from Celiac disease. Taking the advice of my nutritionalist, I made chicken soup using just chicken and vegetables. After a few days my energy levels started to increase, while other symptoms like stomach pain, brain fog, and joint stiffness also started to improve.

Hugs Broth has evolved into a healing and comforting options for many people with gut issues and autoimmune disease.  Recently, physicians, doulas, and chiropractors have also recommend bone broth for post surgery healing, colonoscopies, prenatal nourishment & postpartum healing, and joint & muscle benefits.  

Order HUGS Online!

We’re delighted to now offer our nutritious, organic, non-GMO Chicken Bone Broth for online ordering and delivery right to your door!

Interested in our other delicious broth flavors? We offer delivery (to some towns in ME, NH, and MA) and pickup options for these flavors as well.


Please note: Shipping is for 24oz. bags of Chicken Bone Broth only. Due to shipping fees, there is a minimum of 2 bags, maximum of 3 bags per order. Monday delivery only to select towns in ME, NH and MA. Pickup location and payment is to be determined on customer’s location & by both parties.

*Although broth is shipped frozen, it is meant to be de-thawed and heated up for consumption. 

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Where You Can Find HUGS!

Rising Tide Natural Foods

Rising Tide Natural Foods

165 State Rd #1519, Kittery, ME 03904

Currently there are five retailers selling HUGS BROTH!

Portsmouth Health Food Center

Portsmouth Health Food Center

151 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Currently there are five retailers selling HUGS BROTH!

Hampton Natural Food Store

Hampton Natural Food Store

845 US-1, Hampton, NH 03842

Currently there are five retailers selling HUGS BROTH!

Tendercrop Farm at the Red Barn

Tendercrop Farm at the Red Barn

123 Dover Point Rd, Dover, NH 03820

Currently there are five retailers selling HUGS BROTH!

Fiddle Head Farms

Fiddle Head Farms 451 High St Somersworth, NH 03878

10:00 am - 5:30 pm

We are currently in the following retail locations. Click the pinpoints on the map for more information.

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Farmers Market

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What people say about my HUGS!

“It’s So Versatile”

“I’ve used this broth for so many recipes. It’s great as a soup base, to steam vegetables and to make couscous. It’s so versatile, and if we don’t happen to use it right away, we freeze it.”

-Adam, Manchester NH

“Our Go-To Ingredient”

“Love Hugs Broth!! It’s our go-to ingredient now any time a recipe that we try calls for any type of broth. It brings the flavor to some of our favorite recipes to a whole new level. In the colder months I like to warm it up and drink it right out of a mug!”

-Crystal, Stratham NH

“Makes the Taste More Rich”

“I didn’t think my recipe could get any better until I started making it with your bone broth! It makes the taste more rich, the consistency thicker and the soup healthier. Thanks for introducing me to your broth! I can never go back to store bought!”

-Lisa, Dover NH

Meet the Owner!

Jessica is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified health coach. Her expertise and passion is to focus on gut health and hormone health. She loves sharing her nutritional bone broth with others to promote health and wellness.

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